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Hello everyone! Welcome to my website!


I am a Machine Learning Engineer and Data Scientist freelance.

You can find more information about me in my Linkedin page : Linkedin Profile

To have on overview of my works, you can take a look to my AI projects.

You can access to my Axis Cam Manager Android App here : Axis Cam Manager

Finally, some directs links to my personal interests.

  • Blockchain - Crypto-currencies and blockchain applications
  • Astronomy - I used to take pictures with my telescope
  • Music - as listener because I am not musician at all!



Liquidity Mining with Uniswap

I wanted to speak about this interesting earning with cryptocurrencies: the Liquidity Mining.

Liquidity Mining means that someone, a liquidity provider, can give some crypto to a DeFi pool (Decentralized Finance).

The provider has to give a pair of token (ie: CRV/ETH), with a defined ratio depending of the current price of tokens.

If he gives 100$ of ETH, he has to give also 100$ of CRV at the same time.

In return, fees paid by people (traders exchanging CRV or ETH) who want to buy token (ie: CRV), are distributed to liquidity providers, in proportion of the total liquidity available in the pool.

Look at the picture : you can see some calculation about its operation (price, sell, buy, yield)

liquidity mining board

External Links : (French)


COVID-19 in France Dashboard: Datavisualization & Model


I have developed a web app dashboard to follow COVID-19 outbreak in France :

This app uses DASH plotly framework.

It is hosted on AWS Elastic Container Repository as a service on a EC2 Cluster.

Each time new data is available, the app updates itself and predicts new confirmed cases in France for 3 next days by a LSTM Deep Learning Tensorflow model.

Because I use one of the smaller instance (t2.micro), I need to use external API to call deep learning model with AWS Lambda functions.

The model is converted in TensorFlow LITE and TF Lite python library are compiled for AWS before.

More information on my Github :

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