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AI Projects

Data Scientist freelance



I am a Machine Learning Engineer and Data Scientist freelance.

As a Digital Nomad, I work remotely.

You can find more information about me in my Linkedin Profile.

My resume is below in "files" section.

Some links about my works :

COVID-19 in France Dashboard: Datavisualization & Model


I have developed a web app dashboard to follow COVID-19 outbreak in France :

This app uses DASH plotly framework.

Detect French Fake News with NLP Deep Learning Model

This project  is about how to detect Fake News in France.

My github repo :

These notebooks scrap and train a camemBERT model (French version of Google BERT model) to detect True or Fake News in French.


More information can be found into /doc/ folder (in French) in Github.

Classify pictures with Deep Learning Model

This study is to learn to use, create and train deep learning CNN models (ResNet / VGG).

An association which helps and hosts dogs, without family to live with, need to classify pictures of their animals to create an automatic listing and to save a lot of time.
It is possible to do it with Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) models by training on Stanford Dogs Dataset ( for example.

Schedule Optimization with an original Genetic Algorithm method

I have participated to a Kaggle competition about Schedule Optimization.

I have developed an original Genetic Algorithm method using Python and C++.

You can see my Shared Notebook on Kaggle :

My github repo :

Coronavirus Visualization & Modeling


I have developed a Kaggle notebook about the evolution of COVID-19 all over the world.

It also focuses on areas like France & South Korea .

Stack Overflow Auto Tagger

This project is about how to automatically classify questions.

It is a  project from my Machine Learning Engineer training : Ingénieur Machine Learning.

You can find my Github repo here :

This project is about the creation of an API to predict tags related to questions that users ask in StackOverFlow website.

The API, needs :