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Axis Cam Manager V2.0 is available !

Axis Cam Manager v2 for Android is available on Google Play Store :

Axis Cam Manager V2


This app can be used to manage alarms / events of Axis IP Network Cameras.

It can be very useful to activate or deactivate very quickly a motion or infrared detection events.
For example, when you come back home to avoid annoying and unwanted alerts!
You can edit alarm name, enable or disable it...

I want to be clear, I have not link with Axis Company at all.
I have just developed this app for my personal need.
If it can help you, it is great!


What's new in V2 ?

  • New interface has no maximum number of camera
  • Accepts HTTPS connection for more security


Minimum requirements

  • Axis IP Network Camera with firmware >= 5.x
  • Smartphone on Android 4.4 KitKat or later
  • Before use, you need to configure events from IP cam webpage


How to Configure

From Home Page, the first time you open this App, you can edit the default cam:

I) Click on "edit cam" button :

Edit Camera settings
Edit Camera settings


II) Enter a Name (just for you , to identify it if you have several cameras)

III) Enter the IP camera Address

(check all information by browsing to your IP cam website)

About the IP cam address:

  • From your Local Network, server address is IP address of your Camera IP.
  • But from Internet (outside home) it can be more complicated :

1) If your internet provider give you a fixed internet IP address, use it.

2) If not, you have to register your box or another device on your local network to a DDNS.

For example, you can use no-ip free DDNS service :


IV) Also you have to configure the port access :

From Internet, you have to configure your router for port forwarding.

What you have to do :

port forwarding 1port fowarding 2

More information about router port forwarding settings here :

V) You can choose HTTPS access for more security.

You have to configure it inside the Axis IP Camera interface (System Options / HTTPS)

The minimum requirement is to use a self-signed certificate.

For more information, refer to your Axis IP Camera documentation :


VI) Finally, enter an admin login and password to access to your IP camera and try to connect to your camera webpage by clicking on "OPEN CAM WEBPAGE".

If you have set up some events yet, you should see events/alarms appearing.

If it is not working (you still have a red cross at the top), you have to check your credentials or address / port  to access your IP camera from where you are (local network or Internet).


Configure events on camera interface

To configure events / alarms, you have to connect to your IP Cam from your favorite browser or directly from this app, after you have configured you IP camera, by clicking on "OPEN CAM WEBPAGE".

For example :

axis camera event conf
IP cam website page : Events


For more information how to do it, Refer to your Ip Camera Documentation (events / alarms part) :


How to use :  alarms / events

By changing each alarm/event toggle position, you can enable or disable it remotely.

You can also rename, add, delete events/alarms.

You can also change states of all alarms at once by using the camera toggle.


Edit Camera settings
Edit alarm/event


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