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Data Scientist freelance



I am a Machine Learning Engineer and Data Scientist freelance.

As a Digital Nomad, I work remotely.

You can find more information about me in my Linkedin Profile.

My resume is below in "files" section.

Some links about my works :


I am Data Scientist Freelance / Machine Learning Engineer, former Numerical Modelization Specialist, 16 years of XP, Matlab expert in data tools development from models & vehicle tests.

I am working as a full-remote freelancer, but, occasionally, if needed, I can visit the client work office.

What are my skills?

As a Data Scientist, I can help you with your business or scientific problems and challenges with data.

For example, I can offer you to:

  • Treat / Exploit your textual, visual or structured data with machine learning models, deep learning neural networks at different stages like data mining and exploration, data model development, test and final deployment
  • Predict Time Series
  • Perform marketing client clustering
  • Create visual tools as Web App
  • Do deployment on cloud computing like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud

Finally, I like to be useful by working in an existing DATA team because we can exchange brand new models or methods in Data Science field.

Why hiring a full-remote freelance?

For my side, I would like to be free to live where I want. Following friends or family in different countries...

For your side, hiring a Freelance allows more flexibility for companies, with limited engagement.

Although one might fear not being able to properly control and monitor the activities of a Freelancer, it is important to know that a Freelance has customer satisfaction as a priority to guarantee his loyalty and to obtain future assignments.

It often follows that deliverables quality is better than usual.

How to work in full-remote?

For remote work, we have to plan weekly meetings dedicated to synchronous communication to discuss about deliverables progression. It is important to manage possible drifts due to a lot of reasons like the waiting time to get information or answers from other, or like the difficulty to understand the data...

After that, we need also to establish asynchronous communication regularly by email or other tools.

And nowadays, we have a lot of tools to help and follow remote team work:

  • Github / GitLab
  • Skype / Google Meet / Zoom
  • Slack / Microsoft Teams
  • Trello
  • ...

Contact me

If you are interested in working together for your company, contact me on Linkedin.

Or make an appointment with me here : Calendly

And you can read my CGV (General Terms and Conditions in French only) in files section below :